I've been drawing, painting, photographing and creating since the day I was born.

Through the years, my parents have blessed me with the ability to take lessons under many amazing people who have all encouraged different aspects of my art, in more than just the different media.

I have travled the world, and used art to breach barriers that I never could have through anything else.

I have had the privilege of teaching art to a few girls (including my own sister) and to the parentless in a Philippine orphanage. 

I also have gotten to see so many different aspects of creation, from 130 feet underwater (I dive and snorkel) to mountain tops looking over thousands of miles of clouds to planes flying over the Arctic Ocean. My favorite things? Tropical fish, butterflies, elephants, shadows, lightning and the human eye. 

I'm attending a small Christian College in Nebraska and working on my Graphic Communications degree, hoping to volunteer and work with various missions organizations. I got married in July of 2014, and hope to have a dozen or so children some day!

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